Based in Boston, Karina is Product Manager at Rejoiner. Here, I post thoughts on my experiences as a designer and human. 

I made an old phone ring once...

Well, sort of. Let me explain…

For a while, I was obsessed with phones. No, not the latest iPhone or Android. Old phones. You know, the ones that would legit ring. The ones where you would actually use your voice to TALK to people.

Yup one of those. Yes, like the one your grandma had at her house.

And then I saw this…

My head exploded.

At that point, an obsession was cemented. I wanted to get one of those phones and make it ring. I didn’t want people to call me. I wanted to talk to people. Like really, really, talk to them.

So I got on ebay, got a land phone. Then, I opened it and took everything inside of it out—but left the bell on. Then grabbed an Arduino, hooked the bell to it and made it ring when someone picked up the phone.

That was my Alpha. I guess even in my art, I think like a designer and work in sprints.

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Should designers code? Who cares. Instead ask: should we design with code?